Chrome & Effect Pigments

Wow your clients with vivid chrome & effect pigments!

Step 1: Sculpt your nail

Step 2: Apply your choice of base color, and cure. You can wipe the sticky layer or leave it on.

Step 3: Apply a coat of a tack-free top coat, and cure between 30-60 seconds, depending on your lamp and products (test it out on a swatch stick first! If your chrome doesn't stick at all, it's cured too long, and if it looks too "sparkly" and not smooth, it's not cured enough). Some products may only need 10 seconds in an LED lamp.

Step 4: Apply your chrome or effects! You can use a silicone brush, eye shadow applicator, or makeup sponge. Dab it on to get full coverage, then press down or rub it in to get that smooth chrome look. Gently wipe away any excess powder with a dry wipe.

Step 5: Make sure that your beautiful chrome lasts! Buff your free edge, and clean any excess powder from the cuticles and sidewalls.

Step 6: Apply your favourite gel top coat, and cure. You're done!

Try different combinations of powders and base colors to achieve endless looks! Curing times and application may vary by product and manufacturer.

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