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Can-West education courses are designed to foster professional standards for aspiring students. Our educational focus is to deliver clear, concise and concrete training. We believe that knowledge is key for success in the field of esthetics. Our staff of highly trained journeyperson educators is dedicated to the achievement and well-being of each student that we have the pleasure of teaching. Our education center is located within the Can-West Wholesale Esthetics facility. Our classrooms are organized and stocked with all materials needed on a daily basis. Our education philosophy is interactive and student-based, with the focus on individual students and their models. We also have a variety of training videos available for viewing online from the comfort of our home after hours and even after your class is completed.

Can-West is a module-based school; meaning we deliver expertise in one or more areas within an individual discipline through specialized courses. Once all modules are completed within a single discipline, a diploma that encompasses that section is issued.

With a combined program of theory and practical application, our school is both inspiring and rewarding. Students must be prepared to work hard in order to accomplish maximum benefits. Each devoted instructor has been in this industry for many years and will share their insight and advice in order to prepare each student for the workplace as a professional. 

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