Light Elegance 2018 Summer Color Collection - Surf City

Light Elegance Surf City UV/LED Glitter and Color Gel Collection

Light Elegance—the manufacturer of UV and LED cured gel polish and glitter gels, building gels, acrylics and more—introduces its Summer 2018 colors and glitters. Available both individually and in 6-packs, the Surf City collection contains all on-trend colors and glitters you’ll need this summer.

Welcome to Surf City, where the waves are huge, the sun is always shining and the nails are HOT! Hit the beach with 12 new colors and glitters that complement any summer style.

The six new colors are Sun Bum: I’m really in style! A sunny mustard yellow; She’s a Copper Catch: If you’re looking for the perfect lady, here is a creamy copper orange; Longboard: Hang loose with this bright cream turquoise!; Surf’s Up: A sweet cream summer lilac; Hunks in Trunks: This hunk is bold, loud and PINK!; and French Bikini: She’s a red coral with a hint of shimmer. She will give you the perfect tan line.

The six new glitters are Woody: A total tangerine with a slice of lemon. This one has an extra POP!; Jetty Betty; She’s a sweet pink glitter for any beach trip; Wipeout: A wave of purple splashed with iridescent glitter; Locals Only: This native is a pretty pink salmon; Maliblue: An aqua turquoise mixed with matte and shiny glitter; and Hotdogger: This bold baby is an orange coral with large flakes of summer gold. She loves to show off!

All 12 colors are available in packs or individually.

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