Light Elegance 2018 Fall Glitter Collection - Snake Charmer


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This fall, join us Under the Big Top and experience all the grandeur of the big show. Extravagant, lush colors meet fall’s fashion trends as this collection delivers a spectacular experience your clients are sure to love. Top acts include six dazzling new Glitter Gels and six high-flying Color Gels that pair perfectly with your fall look.  Tickets sold everywhere August 1st. We’ll see you at the show!


Six new Glitter Gels available in 17ml sizes or as a kit ::

Smoke and Mirrors: This glitter is all smoke and mirrors.  A bright reflective silver with a smoky background.

Daredevil: Shards of gold and brown.  Dimensional and daring all in one.

Clowning Around: Fun fuchsia dots mixed with playful and petite glitter.  This is fun!

Snake Charmer: Fine black glitter sprinkled with flecks of emerald – It’s a charmer.

Lion Tamer: This lion’s main is a dimensional brown highlighted with copper and bronze.  Rawr!

Fire Breather: A glowing amber of fine, fine glitters that pop and dance.