Amore Ultima Self Leveling White Gel

This unique formula creates the perfect extension or French fill. The medium viscosity gives it a slow, self-leveling quality, which gives you the control in application. Odor free with minimal heat transfer.

Curing Time:
20 seconds “Freeze for sculpting”
2 minutes Full Cure (9 watt light)
3 minutes Full Cure (6 watt light)
*NOTE: Full cure is seldom required since a clear component is recommended to layer over top of Ultima White. Always apply Bonder Gel first.

Medium viscosity. Delivers a precise application
Absolutely non yellowing. Crisp white lines Minimal heat transfer For maximum client control
Curing. Perfect for extensions and french fills
High concentration of plasticizers. The ultimate in flexibility
Odorless. Spa friendly environment
Non-allergenic. Safe for almost every client
Slow self-leveling. Eases application.