Swarovski Crystalpixie Bubble - Feeling Wild

Swarovski is thrilled to introduce Crystalpixie Bubble, a sparkling revolution for the nail art palette that takes its inspiration from Swarovski Crystal Galuchat. Leading the trend for glossy textures, it’s made from uncut crystal balls in three sizes that, when clustered together, create an innovative 3D bubbly effect.

In a revival of the American prairie trend, Feeling Wild introduces a fresh sensuality by mixing old world romance with bohemian freedom. Dramatic deep indigo hues add an eclectic Western feel.

    Step-by-Step Application

    1. Apply gel polish and cure.
    2. Apply top coat, but do not cure.
    3. Pour Swarovski Crystal Pixie over the wet nail polish
    4. Press into nail bed and gently brush off excess.
    5. Apply top coat to edges of nail to seal and cure once again

    One bottle with 5 grams of Pixie lasts for more than 25 single nail decorations!

    Made in Austria