Ultronics Ultra Tray Disinfectant Soak Tray with 1oz Cleaner

Ultra Tray - 1 pint capacity

Ultronics Ultra Tray allows for complete submersion of all manicure implements and includes a convenient self-draining basket.


1 pint capacity.  Dimensions 2 1/2" h x 9" w x 5" d


Ultronics Ultra Tray offers convenience and a contemporary design in a sturdy black and white tray with a magenta self draining basket.  It is convenient for manicure implements.

Ultronics Ultra Tray is chemical resistant.  Use with Ultracare Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate for plastic and stainless implements, or use with Ultronics 10 min. Instrument Disinfectant.

1oz 10 Minute Instrument Disinfectant included.